5 Reasons Why Duterte Should be the next Philippine President

The 2016 elections is just around the corner, and one of the most talked about topic when elections come to mind is the next president. We’re sure some of you already have an idea who to vote, and that you have your reasons for it.

One of the most intriguing politicians who could run for President in 2016 is Davao city Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. Duterte has constantly been on the positive end of surveys of Filipinos’ preferred President for 2016. Many people believe that Duterte’s leadership can turn the fortune of the Philippines around, especially in terms of poverty and corruption.

Although Duterte has made it clear on several occasions that he doesn’t intend to run for President, we’re still far from 2016, so there’s still a possibility that he’ll have a change of heart between now and the coming months.

So, what will happen to the Philippines should Duterte decide to run, and eventually become our President? Well, we have listed five possible reasons to vote for him as President in 2016. Just a reminder though, this article is not meant to endorse or promote him as a presidential candidate. This is merely made to inform everyone about the things that might happen if Duterte is voted for President.

That being said, what are the reasons to vote for Duterte as President?

5. The Philippines will become a more disciplined country

photo credit: plus.google.com

photo credit: plus.google.com

We all know that in order for us to achieve progress, we need to be disciplined in almost all aspects. Duterte can lead the charge of the much-needed discipline, as he’s ready to implement stricter laws to ensure the betterment of this nation.

Contrary to what others believe, Davao is considered as one of the safest places in the nation under Duterte’s leadership. That’s more than enough reason to show how effective he is as a leader. If he can make Davao a better place, there’s no reason he can’t do the same to the Philippines.

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