Heart Evangelista ‘Allegedly’ Drink Water from the Pond.

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Love Marie Ongpauco-Escudero or popularly known as Heart Evangelista is an actress, former VJ, TV host, commercial model and endorser. She’s from a Chinese-Filipino clan and her family owns a restaurant chain, Barrio Fiesta.

And now, fans of Heart were shocked when photos of their idol went viral where she was seen drinking water that seems like water from the pond. The socialite actress was caught drinking a green liquid from a bottle that looks like the water of the pond behind her.


She looks calm and composed while drinking the green liquid and after that she said that it taste good. They think that maybe because of the extreme heat, the actress drove to drink the pond water, because of what he captioned on her post.

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But those were just allegations and it’s hard to believe that the elegant Heart would do this. Some netizens said that it was just green tea juice because of the moist from the fridge. The moist seen on the bottle is obviously a proof that it’s cold. Because no one will be able to stomach that dirty green water especially the very beautiful and elegant Heart Evangelista.

A video that was uploaded did not really show that she had really took the green water or juice directly from the pond.
Watch here the video for you to see if the allegations are true.

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