Joey de Leon Criticized by Netizens For His Depression Comment While Maine Mendoza Admired

Joey de Leon is a veteran comedian, actor, and one of the host of the longest noon time show ‘Eat Bulaga’. He’s now making rounds on social media about his statement on depression.

During the segment of ‘Juan for All, All for Juan, hosts Jose Manalo, Wally Bayola, Alden Richards, and Maine Mendoza visited the house of a chosen contestant. Jose asked the sugod-bahay winner Maria Cristina about the condition of her mother who gets emotional.

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Jose: Anong sakit ni nanay? (What is the condition of your mom?)
Maria Cristina (sugod bahay winner): Depression po.
Jose: Bakit? Iyang bang depression nakukuha ba iyan dahil depressed ka, ganun ba iyon? (Why? Do you get the condition because you’re just depressed?)
Maria Cristina: Ang sabi lang po nung doktor, depression tapos yung katandaan cause makakalimutin na po. (The doctor simply said she has depression and because of her age, she tends to forget already.)

Image from youtube

Image from youtube

Then Joey de Leon spoke and commented about the issue.
Joey then went on to say: “Yung depression, gawa-gawa lang ng mga tao iyan. Gawa nila sa sarili nila.” (Depression is just something made up by people. They do it to themselves.)

On the other hand, Maine Mendoza spoke to defend the depression issue. She said that it’s a serious case and a laughing matter.
“Hindi biro yang depression. Hindi siya joke. Hindi kasi maraming nakakaranas ng ganun lalo na sa mga kabataan. Kaya pag may nakakaranas ng ganun, kailangan natin bigyan natin ng suporta.” (Depression is not a laughing matter. It’s not a joke. Because many people go through it, especially today’s youth. That if you’re going through it, give them the support.)

But Joey replied again saying: “Hindi, wag niyong suportahan, gawa-gawa lang niya yun, pabayaan niyo…nagpapasosyal lang. Pag mayaman, depression. Pag mahirap, wala, wala ka nang pag-asa sa buhay.” (No, don’t support it. They just make it up. If you’re rich, depression. If you’re poor, you have no hope in life.)

Netizens got disappointed over Joey’s statement and they said that Joey is insensitive and ignorant.
While Maine praised for taking a stand against Joey’s comment about depression on national television. Netizens said the maine is far more sensible than those who or twice or thrice of her age.


Source: TnP/Rappler