How Much Money Spent For Xander Ford’s Makeover?

How Much Money Spent For Xander Ford’s Makeover?

Marlou Arizala, former member of Hasht5, has taken the internet by storm after he undergo a cosmetic surgery to improve his physical appearance. Before, he was bashed for being GGSS or gwapong-gwapo sa sarili and for taking pictures to beautiful celebrities.

Xander Ford

And now, the 20-year old said good bye to his old self, Marlou, he is now Xander Ford. He said, “Natupad ko na po yung pangarap ko, kinalimutan ko na yung mga nakaraan kasi itong bagong ‘to, ito na yung bagong mamahalin niyo.”

October 1, when he revealed his new face to the public. His new face contains expressive eyes, enhanced nose, pouty lips, enhanced chin, eyelashes and eyebrows. The surgery was conducted by Dr. Eric Yapjuangco of the ICON Clinic.

But do you even think how much money spent for Xander Ford’s transformation?

Here is the price range according to

• Php 95,000 for Rhinoplasty, enhanced his nose, and Alarplasty, which reshaped the width of his nostrils
• Php 60,000 to Php70,000 for Mentoplasty, for chin augmentation
• Php 60,000 for mandibular angle augmentation with fillers
• Php 16,000 to Php 35,000 for his 4D Eyebrow cloning, a thickening procedure
• Php15,000 to Php 35,000 for the permanent lip tint procedure good for three sessions
• Php 7,000 for his anti-wrinkle procedure
• Php 500 to Php 3,800 for his semi-permanent eyelash extensions
• Php160,000 for hi eight teeth (Php 20,000 per tooth)

The estimated total cost for Marlou’s makeover to become Xander Ford is Php 465,800.00