Rumored Couple John Lloyd Cruz and Ellen Adarna Spotted in Cebu

Image via Alchetron

John Lloyd Cruz and Ellen Adarna were always seen together for some events, maybe due to common friends or common interests.

Recently, photos and videos of Ellen and John Lloyd are making rounds in many social media sites. They were in Virgin Island, Sta. Fe in Bantayan Island in Cebu with some friends. Videos showing John Lloyd that seems like he’s drunk, behaving strange and having sweet moments with Ellen.

Photos and videos that were uploaded by Ellen and other companions on their social media accounts.

A videos of John Lloyd wearing only pajamas dancing, doing some gestures and then seated beside LPG tanks. Another video where he was wearing only shorts and sunglasses peeling something on a chopping board when he started playing a kitchen knife while saying, “This is paradise”. And video of him singing in a videoke, topless and he seems like drunk again.

The next clip showing the sweet moments of the rumored couple while Ellen is preparing a dish and Lloyd is peeling a onion. Another was John Lloyd serenating Ellen in a videoke. Another clip, John Lloyd lying behind Ellen while his hand was on Ellen’s lap on a boat.

Here are some photos posted by Ellen on her Instagram account together with John Lloyd.