Top 10 Fabulous And Luxurious Debuts Of Filipina Celebrities

The debut is a traditional celebration among Filipino for a young woman that will come of age, 18th birthday. Filipino usually throw a big party for the 18th birthday for the celebrant. Usually it has 18 dance, 18 gifts, 18 roses and others 18 somethings to pay tribute for the important people in the debutante life.
But there are also girls that cannot afford to have a party they have been dreaming of.
Can you imagine how celebrities celebrates their 18th birthday?

Here is the list of top 10 Filipina celebrities that celebrated their 18th birthday with a big party with their beautiful gowns.

1. Krystal Reyes
Jolina Marie Reyes celebrated her 18th birthday on September 7, 2014 at 55 Events Place in Tomas, Morato. She wore her beautiful gown gven by Marian Rivera.

Image from GMA Network